Pastor Cory has participated in over 500 weddings, from small family affairs to 500++ guest events, commitment ceremonies, and more. 

Pastor Cory sits down with every couple expertly planning every moment of the ceremony. 

A commemorative custom designed Wedding Certificate is provided for every wedding. 

Accepts most major credit cards, cash, and check. 

He is the official wedding pastor for Pop Up Weddings VA- and a preferred vendor for many major wedding venues/planners. Visit www.popupweddingsva.com . Google him for reviews!

Pastor Cory is an ordained minister and has officiated weddings since 2008. He's served in pastoral roles in several "mega churches" since 2002. He has his Master's degree from Liberty Theological Seminary; finishing his second Master's Degree in Divinity and plans to join the NAVY Chaplain Corp. 

Known as the Wedding Pastor in Hampton Roads, Pastor Cory is an enthusiastic professional who will guide you to the most perfect wedding ceremony. Religious or non religious. Pastor Cory would love to help you celebrate! 



Who is Pastor Cory 

Shawna and Kevin 

"..is charismatic finding common ground with all personalities you and old... "


"Rev. Cory Newell was sensational and just a pleasure to work with from the moment of first contact. My new husband and I had a chrisitan, non-denominational beach wedding in the sand at the oceanfront last week with beach week/Greek Fest in full swing unbeknownst to us prior to planning. Cory was accommodating, professional, reliable, and ethical in every aspect of his job. Cory is quick-witted and is charismatic finding common ground with all personalities young and old which was perfect when meeting with us and family members. Guests at our wedding RAVED about how young and attractive Cory was and just a pleasure making all feel welcome with a southern hospitality touch. I would highly recommend Cory to participate at any wedding and he well exceeded our expectations!!!

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Rev. Cory Newell +1.7578764920 the@hamptonroadsweddingpastor.com

Sand Ceremony 

Create a permanent memory with this special ceremony. Add additional family members and/or your guests for an even special. 

First Argument Box

Write love letters to each other and place into a box along with a bottle of wine. Nail it shut at the wedding. When you have your first fight, open it up, pour the wine, go to separate corners, read the love letter & remember what it's all about.

Family Vows/Blessing/Community Vows

Adding children to the ceremony by adding their own vows following Pastor Cory's lead. In addition, the community/guests can be invited to share their vows and commitment to your wedded life. 

Special Components to add to your wedding: 

Unity Candle

A traditonal moment in weddings are solid feature and symbolism in today's wedding ceremony.