Frequently Asked Questions 


Is Premarital Counseling required to be married by you? 

Pre-marital counseling is not required though highly recommended. I offer this service at an additional fee.

What questions do customers most commonly ask you? What's your answer?

Why do you charge a fee? Time is always something that deserves payment. I offer a specific service and my time to that end. This fee also creates accountability between myself and you. I offer a professional service.

What do we need to do to initiate your wedding officiant services?

Contact me with your intent to hire me. I'll need your/spouse name/Date of Birth/ date of wedding, time, if you need me at the rehearsal- that date and time. Make a deposit towards your total fee which reserves the date (In the payment notes section- list your name, wedding date, and phone number/email). I offer online credit card payment for a small fee or check mailed, or cash/check/credit in person. To see my online credit card payment page, click my "about" section and see website listed. Or go here: 

Once a deposit is sorted, we will set up a wedding planning consult with both you and fiancé or with your wedding planner. If you are an out of town couple, I will email the form used in our discussion for you to complete and send back via email/fax. I'll follow up with a phone call or FaceTime. 

Other than hiring you, what else do I have to do for this marriage to be legal? 

Hiring me is only part one of two steps. I'm an ordained minister and registered through the Circuit Court of Newport News on July 8, 2008. 

Both you and your to-be must obtain a marriage license through any Virginia Circuit Court Clerk; the Virginia location of your nuptials is irrelevant to the licensing. You may also contact a Virginia Visitors Bureau to get more specific information on local sites, services and marriage commissioners.

Age Requirement 18 with certified copy of birth certificate as proof. If under 18, notarized consent from parent or legal guardian.

License Fee $30. License is Valid for 60 days
Identification: Valid driver's license, military ID, state ID, passport

Officiants: Ordained minister who can show proof of ordination; marriage commissioners, justices of the peace and judges.

When do I sign the wedding license? 

Usually I can do this at the Rehearsal and receive the left over fee that is due or when I arrive day of 30 minutes before the service. The Groom to be should have this and give this to me at this time since the bride will be incredibly busy. I can sign in your presence or take with me as I will also mail it. Court requires that this be mailed no later than 5 days after the wedding day. 

Will the wedding officiant stay for pictures and the reception? 

Yes for pictures, maybe for the reception, I'll explain! Please ask the photographer to include the Pastor Pictures in the first set or series of pictures. Your fee only includes up to 60 minutes before additional charges apply. 

Regarding the reception- usually I will not stay, especially if it's a plated meal. Why, because usually the only people I will know in the room is the bride and groom and YOU will be incredibly busy. Also, a plated meal is expensive! Spend it on your guests, I really don't mind nor am offended- its reasonable and practical! Sometimes, if its the last wedding of the day, the time of the day, and if its a buffet or heavy hor' d'eurves I may grab a small plate. Don't include me in the food count. The caterer won't mind- usually they like for me to taste their food so I can recommend to another bride! :) 

I most always will stay long enough (remember to keep in mind the 60 minutes) to say a prayer/blessing should you request it. ​But keep in mind, I may have another wedding booked! 

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