10 Wedding Ceremony Planning Questions

The most important part of any wedding is the ceremony, whether it is in a church, outdoors or other venue. The ceremony is the part of the day where you actually pledge yourselves to each other and are legally married. It's the time when your dearest family and friends will witness your pledge of love and faithfulness to each other. Rev Cory will help you plan for that day to make it a success! Here are some questions he will ask you at your first face-to-face meeting:

10 Planning Questions

  1. What type of ceremony do you want to have? Basically, it comes down to this: Do you want a ceremony that is traditionally, religiously-oriented (with mention of God, prayers, etc.) or do you want a more contemporary with less or no religiously oriented language? And is there a theme to your wedding ceremony?
  2. Do you want to write your own vows? If so, Rev. Cory will give you a guide to follow and will suggest ways to make this process easy and enjoyable.
  3. What readings, poetry, or scripture do you want to include? Be sure to ask to see his collection of wedding readings.
  4. Do you have any specific traditions or customs you'd like to include such as the unity candle or sand ceremony, for example? Rev. Cory is experienced in many customs and traditions from sand/candle/jumping the broom, etc.
  5. Is the setting indoors or outdoors? Will you need sound amplification? Do you have an alternative plan if it should rain on your outdoor wedding?
  6. Will the bridal party pair up and walk down together or will one group go at a time or be arranged another way.
  7. Who will have the rings?
  8. Will there be a flower person and ring bearer?
  9. Do you plan to have escorted seating of grandparents and parents?
  10. Will you need a rehearsal?
  11. Of course, you're not expected to know the answer to all these questions. Rev. Cory will guide you painlessly through the process of decision making. Depend on his expertise and experience!